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Oxford Dream Academy (OXDA) offers secondary (high) school students between the ages 11-18 an unmatched opportunity to have a taste of life as a student at a prestigious university here in the UK.
Our students would spend part of their summer in these academically renowned campuses to study subjects of their choosing. They will participate in life coaching sessions and life skills seminars including rousing speeches from renowned motivational speakers and life coaches.

Why Oxford Dream Academy?

While, many summer schools in England concentrate on developing academic excellence, we at Oxford Dream Academy, believe that Education should be much more than academic abilities. We are committed, not only to teaching the academic subjects excellently, but we believe that a good academic ability should be backed with life skills, including employability skills. We also believe that students need the necessary motivation and understanding of the world around them to have the necessary drive and success. That is our guarantee! To develop the total man and woman!

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