Oxford Dream Academy distinguished staff

Our Teaching Team:

Our teachers are the powerhouse of our summer schools. They are the mainstay, in our quest for excellence. They are from different backgrounds. Some are teachers from Warwick University and Oxford University. Some are post graduate students from the University, others are well established and experienced local teachers. Although they are carefully selected from various academic and cultural backgrounds, they have a few things in common. Passion for their subjects and for success, and the skills to impart knowledge to our students. Our teachers use the latest technology and techniques to make their lessons as interactive as possible, while making sure that the lessons are differentiated to meet the needs of the individual learners. This team in every campus is headed by a former assistant head teacher with years of experience in Teaching and Learning.

Non-Teaching Staff:

Our Pastoral team is of a highest quality. The team understands that the welfare and safeguarding of the students are most important in the smooth running of the summer school. Their mission is to ensure that every student that steps in through our doors deserves to learn, achieve and enjoy their time at OXDA. Our pastoral team receive extensive training and are adequately prepared to deal with any problems that may arise. These staff look after the students when they are not in class. Some of them are first aiders and we also have para-medical staff included in the team. The pastoral team is headed by Veteran Pastoral managers with more than 10 years’ experience in supporting the welfare of students.

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